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Shang & P Consulting: construction plastics market has great potential
 Plastics Construction has a light, cheap, and has many applications in the construction of an alternative to the use of steel, wood, etc.. According to statistics, every year the construction industry consumes about 1/4 of the plastic total output of plastic, the highest in the first application of plastic, construction plastic, cement, steel, timber and the four major building materials. The main application of the construction of plastic plastic doors and windows, plastic pipe, plastic floor. Building plastics market has great potential and development prospects.

Still & P Consulting building materials industry analysts believe that the 2012 global economy will gradually recover, the pace of development in the construction industry will also begin a slow recovery, the global construction industry development prospects, building plastic material consumption will grow steadily, emerging markets in Asia, South America growth will be faster. China since last year's property control policies, building development, growth decline, which is one of the measures to inhibit the excessive growth of the current prices. But in the second and third tier cities and vast rural areas, the construction industry is still in the high-speed development. In addition, the large number of building affordable housing and low-rent housing. In short, the building is still a great amount of plastic.

Sealing of plastic doors and windows than the traditional wooden doors and windows, is conducive to building energy-saving, but also cheaper than the aluminum windows and doors, ideally suited for the heating region to the north of the Yangtze River. With the continuous development of plastics technology, the strength of plastic pipe has greatly increased, though not steel tube, aluminum tube, and compared, but fully meet the architectural requirements, can be used for wiring, water pipes, shower pipe. Plastic flooring for our country to save a lot of wood, plastic and wood combination of wood-plastic floor will become the new trend of development of the flooring industry.

According to the advisory released yet S & P 2011 building plastic profile market research report, all walks of life today to promote "energy saving", the construction industry is no exception, China has launched a series of building energy efficiency policies, "green" become the development trend of the construction market. Green Building Plastic faced with excellent opportunities for development, including building insulation plastic is most noteworthy.
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