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The domestic plastics industry bottom is relatively stabilized in February
2012, the economic operation of the plastics industry is facing many difficulties, resulting in growth rate over the last year than the fear of even large gap, but overall compared to foreign favorable factors are still more year-round industry trends is not yet clear.

The plastics industry is influenced by international oil prices, the highest price in their oil continued to rise to nearly three and a half years after the G20 finance ministers and central bank governors to postpone sexual loans on European aid, IMF Managing Director on the fragile financial systems and high oil prices is a warning that the global economy is not out of danger range, the international plastics industry is also heavily influenced by.

Bottom in February, experienced 2012 years adverse plastics industry after all varieties of GE Plastics have a certain degree rise, GE Plastics price index stable and inflation, which recently PP price index rose 2.78, ranking first in GE Plastics; PE price index rose 2.51; ABS price index rose 2.25.

International instability, anxiety, wishing to import and export of the domestic plastics industry chain, Standard & Poor's recently lowered Greece's long-term sovereign credit rating to "selective default", while the euro zone Group Chairman said Greece or take the third round of aid loans. Greek debt problem renewed controversy, solve debt problems in Europe have added shadow. Recently, crude oil decline was mainly due to Europe and the United States futures overbought lead to profit-taking, and with the depth of Europe and the United States sanctions against Iran, will oil prices provide a strong impetus. Once the increase in international oil prices, the surplus of 2011 because part of the plastics industry, supply and demand imbalance, wishing to lead the market in a downturn.

But according to the present, the overall market in February was stable, the market is no downside risk, with the use of domestic R & D of new materials, a number of areas of its late price upward height need to see the downstream demand for follow-up efforts.
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