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The plastic is changing the composition of building materials
Traditional building materials are mostly cement, aggregates, gypsum, asbestos and its products, and now plastic rapid increase in the proportion of building materials. The application of some developed countries of the foreign construction plastic, accounts for more than 25% of the total plastic. The composition of building materials is gradually changing.
Plastic is synthetic or natural polymers as the main ingredient. It has light weight, insulation, corrosion resistance, ease of processing, the inherent characteristics of building materials to meet the physical, mechanical and other performance requirements, has largely been used as building materials.
In China, the plastic is generally used as building non-structural materials and construction of structural materials.
Has been used as building non-structural material of plastic: a waterproof material, such as thin film materials, paint and caulking material, bonding material. Insulation materials, such as the thermal noise of the sandwich component and sandwich panels. , Interior decoration materials, such as the Zenith class Gaisu board; floor class plastic flooring, carpet, tile and can live casting plastic ground; wall a plastic walls, wallpaper and plastic wainscoting, baseboards engraved.
Has been used as building structural material of plastic (hard materials): a composite material, such as foam splint. Lightweight materials such as plastic lightweight brick with a plastic foam material and production of load-bearing walls of cement board, flooring, roof and other large components. Air structure, such as in glass fiber reinforced plastic film or within the nylon inflatable, as coverings for architectural space can be used in an exhibition hall, gymnasium, swimming pool, crops, greenhouses, radar stations, field hospitals, aircraft hangars, work shed and so on. Reinforced plastics, such as for concrete formwork, wall panels, roof and lighting ceiling.
The construction of plastic widely used to shorten the construction time, reduce the structural weight of the assembly level, easy to use modern construction methods to improve construction quality and durability. It should be said that the plastic with concrete, steel, timber, important construction materials.

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