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Fluctuations in house prices lead to high-quality plastic construction darling
In recent years, with housing prices rising, learned through the investigation, not only now rising house prices, and even some of our ordinary building materials are also very high. Like some rural housing cost hundreds of thousands. So, in the face of the price of such a high cost of materials, some of our engineers recommend the use of high-quality plastic, instead of our traditional building materials.

According to senior engineer, we are now a lot of real estate began to use plastic instead of the original aluminum products and wood products, but it is the pilot phase, has not been effective promotion. In the construction industry in our plastic and did not play its proper role in some countries of Europe and the United States, the architects used new technology, made ​​of plastic walls and plastic roofs, plastic building foundation material regardless of noise effects, and every cold insulation performance is very good.

According to the site person in charge of us in recent years the emergence of a roof, made ​​of plastic, the surface of this material is made ​​after the painting by the two-story ductile iron, the middle of a thick layer of soft white plastic. Although not universal, but it has been used very simple housing structures. Another plastic wall has been used in very remote mountainous areas and the western region of the building.

The official also told us that the production of building materials made ​​of plastic not only on price is much lower than traditional building materials, and transport and set up much faster by the common building materials. It is precisely because of the plastic construction materials set quality, affordable, and easy to use so many advantages, more and more builders are willing to use plastic as our building materials. Some foreign scientists we used in the construction of plastic made ​​from the degradation of high-quality plastic, so periodic replacement of building materials at the same time, it will not contaminate the environment. We also believe that high quality plastic will be able to bring a new type of construction experience to our residents.
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